He was a nice guy..

A saturday morning at office, Doha.

Boss : Renatooooooo!!! Renatoooooo!!

Richard : Sir, he has not arrived yet…

Boss : Where the f**k is he?

Boss : I am done with this filipino guy.It will be his last working day.I am gonna f**k him today.Jimmy, call him by phone now.

Jimmy : Bro.. where are you, Boss is on fire, he is asking for you.

Renato : Parey!! Tell that poothangana to shut up. Am drunk man. I came late last night. I am coming.

Renato arrives at office…

Boss : What happened to you dear? Its 8.30am. We start at 7am.

Renato : Boss I have diarrhoea, I have a doctor’s prescription.

Boss : Oh dear!! Why don’t you take leave today. Have some rest.

Renato : It’s ok boss. Am feeling better..

Richard : Jimmy, did you hear that. This guy was shouting at us,and he was like he will fire him today and both assholes are now smoking cigarettes together, playing this drama just to shit on us man..

Jimmy : Is this something new for us?

Richard : Shit man !! Me must somehow escape from this hell and then these assholes will realise..

Jimmy : Now that makes some sense !!

Renato : Wazzup guys..Jimmy,here is the 50 QR I borrowed from you.

Jimmy : Man!! I gave you 150..

Renato : Chill man !! Next month, I will get some fund soon..

Boss : Renato, can you buy me a packet of Marlboro..

Renato : Sure Boss !! But can you borrow me two cigs. The one we smoked now was my last.

Boss : Sure dear, Take the driver with you.

Richard : Bro.Why did you gave him money? . He is such a junk..

Jimmy : Its ok man.He said it was for his kids tuition.

Richard : F**k man !!!.Don’t trust him. He might have partied with it last night. He don’t have any family sentimence. He has been to Dubai last year. But he has not visited his family in Manilla for last 3 years. He has a girlfriend here. I have been running behind him for my 500QR for the last six months.

Jimmy : Really?

Ayman : My friend, Filipino guy no good.Kabir Alibaaba..Allathool minni minni. No deal cash with him.Ask your friend Richard..

Renato returns with cigarettes and there is a smoke party in a closed A/C room.

Richard : Parey !! What the holy f**k. You are wearing a Nike air jordan.You were bankrupt thursday morning.

Renato : Parey!! It’s a big story. You saw me jumping into a porsche on thursday.

Richard : Yep!! You were in real hurry..Me and Jimmy were talking about that last day.You were moving like a flash.

Renato : It’s my friends car parey!!He was waiting for me.He is so damn rich.He is working at QP, You know what..his salary is 25000 bucks man !!and he has a flat in corniche.I was there till last night. It was awesome..

Richard : Omg, you have some real cool friends !! And from where did this Air Jordan sneakers came from?

Renato : Well first we went and had something from KFC. A real big meal and he paid for that. Then he took me to the moving cinema. That was one damn awesome. Then we went for shopping and I purchased for this whole month and he gave me his card to pay. Then I found this sneakers and he asked me like, do you want this?. I was surprised, but I gave a yes and man!!! he bought that for me..

Richard : Holy shit !!! Why don’t we meet such guys. And then?

Renato : We went to his flat, I bathed in his pool and later he made dinner for me. But after that I was like sitting on his bed and he suddenly came to me and asked like lets off lights,lets sleep. Man!!! he was a gay. But he was a nice guy…He has called me for this weekend too..

Richard : 😬 Are you going?

Renato : Why not !!

Renato leaves from the sight…

Richard : F**k man !! Did you hear what he said. We are at the exact wrong place…

©2020 robusta

Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

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