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Say ‘NO’ to Old Age Homes

Dear folks,

I have a million dollar in cash, I have been to the most amazing locations and have had the most exotic food. I have had all adventure and luxury in my life and suddenly when someones asks me like “Are you happy? ” and I reply “Ofcourse yes!! I am blessed”. If the same person ask me another question like ” Have you been happier before? ” Then I am in total silence as I have been even more happier without all these stuffs and there is just one answer for that : “Family”. A family comprising parents, grandparents and siblings. One single person missing from this list hurts, really hurts.That was the amount of joy I found in togetherness.

In our life ,the most important thing is family. Don’t show your backs at the family even if it does it you. I would like to borrow the words of Don Vito Corleone.

” A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

“Take care of home,before impressing the streets”

No matter you own a flat in burj Khalifa or you have like maserati’s and porsche’s in your porch,but if you don’t know your grandparent’s name or you have no idea whether they are alive or not, then you are just worthless piece of shits.

In most families, the odd generations team up. Your father might not be in good tune with your grandfather . But once you get mature,you are the ones to fill those gaps. Leaving behind your grandparents just because your parents keep distancing them is not an excuse.

As a person who has enjoyed abundantly with grandparents.I would like to tell you that, once you dump them in these old age homes, they are not the ones who will miss, Its you people who will end up as loosers.If you think you are wealthy enough, don’t employ someone to take care of them, instead sit at home and take care of them.

In my life,I have failed.I have been lost.I have been rejected.I have been in severe pain.My parents lost hope in me. But the only people who still thought I was the best or believed that I will standup again was my grandparents. They would ask you like :” where were you allnight? “, “where are you going?”, “why don’t you sit and study? “, “why don’t you try this job? ” and many more questions like this that might intimidate you. They will scold you. You will fire back. Will fight with you.But at the end of the day, they won’t stop loving you.. which makes all the difference. I can’t just think of my home without them.

You can acquire a lot of priceless things like wisdom, patience, humility etc with a few minutes of chat with them, which you can’t just buy or get from your studies.This will ofcourse make their and your day better. They don’t want your money or possession. All they want is some love and care and you don’t lose anything giving them that.

So my dear brothers and sisters, please don’t sent them to old age homes and old cares or else you will end up finding your children and grandchildren doing the same to you.We don’t want old age homes instead we can make our houses into ‘homes’ with our parents and grandparents.Our life will be more blessed and wonderful with them.


©2020 robusta

Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

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