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shoe flower’s wailing !!!

Today morning, I woke up to see the sun blinded by some dark clouds after a heavy pour.Everything looked so pale, dull & gloomy.I felt like darkness embracing me.I comforted myself on my couch with a cup of coffee.To my enlightenment, I could spot some bright colors a lil far …I was curious , so I swiftly put on my flip-flops and ran to the scene.

At the corner of my side yard near to the fence, I could see a pair of shoe flower plants with some winsome eyes were magnetised .They were so heavenly and their alluring charm in the bizarre environment made my day.When I went close I could hear their murmur..

someone is gazing at us

I think it’s the spoiled brat

but it leaves me in no fuss

when he stand along his cat

may be to rip us and set fire

they love roses and daisies

which they care and admire

a life with pots and vases

living to glow and standout

always bought for money

and not to be thrown out

even flies love their honey

but we live of our own

never in pride and glory

neglected and unknown

avoided without a sorry

always blushing at them

with no worries and regrets

just to earn their contemn

no matter dawns or sunsets

been used to polish thy shoes

making our life’s mundane

pushing us into our woes

I see human so insane

using my leaves as medicine

with no thorns and traps

so damn real and genuine

everywhere in the maps

my colours they ignore

beauty they don’t recognize

they will one day explore

and surely apologize

We are living in a world that admires the price and thereby leaving the priceless unnoticed.We rarely appreciate the beauty that is free, near and around, instead go for the faraway costlier ones.This can be seen in our life’s too.We all should try to value, admire and hold on to what we have with total contentment and happiness, that will make our life’s beautiful & full of colours..

Happy monsoon…


©2020 robusta

Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

40 thoughts on “shoe flower’s wailing !!!

      1. really? I think some people don’t even read all these stuff. They just go through the pictures and even at times am the same. Its really difficult to judge… 😬

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do take time to read because I expect the same from people when they are reading mine.😊
        If it’s not worth reading, I would just leave it as it is.But I haven’t come across any worthless ones as of now.
        Anyway,I appreciate you for being honest.👏👏

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  1. Beautiful images. I don’t think flowers are disgruntled. They live in the moment full of love regardless of how they’re dismissed. A wonderful reminder to take a moment, care for our planet, and appreciate it’s beauty.

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    1. Hi Diana Langie,
      It is good to encounter you here. I hope that you are keeping well, and concur with your reply to Jimmy.

      Hi Jimmy,
      What gorgeous hibiscuses you have photographed! I also love your poem, and commend you for the rhyming scheme that you have achieved.

      There is a slight typo in your poem in the second line “I think its the spoiled brat”. The third word should be “it’s”.

      In any case, thank you for sharing your poem and thoughts with us, in particular, your message in the last paragraph about counting our blessings and appreciating the priceless existing all around us.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are very welcome, Jimmy. I also left you a comment in your post entitled “Iron lady of my home…”.

        You may address me as “SoundEagle” or “SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ”.

        I look forward to your leaving comments at some of my posts and pages, so that some of our conversations are conducted at my blog. Besides, you have such a good mind and personality that I would really like to read your feedback about my writings.

        I would like to inform you that even though some of my posts are very long and encyclopaedic, the navigational menus in those posts can help you to jump to different sections of the posts instantly so that you can resume reading at any point of those posts over multiple sessions in your own time.

        In addition, hovering your mouse cursor over stylized words will bring up tool tips showing additional information.

        Happy discovering and reading!

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  2. Good morning or Good evening, whatever…. You write good poems. It’s good to know that there was a bus service from India to London. It would have been so enjoyable inside the bus . And the views and sceneries might be so beautiful. It was a good read. Be safe.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Fantastic poetry complemented with some beautifully photographed flowers! Did you notice how much nature thrived when us humans were forced into lockdown in our homes during this pandemic? 😀🙏💛👊🎉💯

    Liked by 1 person

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