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Night time stories..

She calls me at ten

Talk to me like men

“Wanna see me now”

I ask her like “how? “

come to my place

She tell me like always

I take my scooter

Hit the road faster

“I am here”, me waves

“You are late!!” she says

Lets go for a ride

She jumped to my side

On the lonely roads we roll

Me finding her lovely soul

She stood by my shoulder

Singing loud and bolder

The joy in her smile

As deep as great nile

Tells me to buy an ice cream

At the sight of a shop, she scream

We had chocolates

Like all soulmates

She then tells me “she will drive”

I told her “i wanna go home alive”

But she took it smooth and nice

We moved like an old mice

To a road that never end

Even if we really meant

Moving like in dreams

Through the dimlight beams

We reach her place

And looks face to face

She offer me some coffee

Shows me her school trophy

I tell her its time to sleep

She starts to act like she weep

Sits on ma lap and watch T.V.

Suddenly she ask me about my C.V.

Tells me to get a job

Or get her by a rob

I tell her lets elope

Knew thats the only hope

She smiles and tell me to stay

Later we will think of a way

I lift her in ma arm

She felt so damn warm

I put her on her bed

Kiss her on her head

Covering her with the blanket

But got lost in her anklet

I sat with her till she fell asleep

Made sure my phone don’t beep

I left away from the sight

Bidding her a good night

©2020 robusta

Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

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