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Papaya heist !!

the plant is now a tree

as twice as tall as me

ready for the feasting

pretty are its fruiting

fresh, sweet and golden

oh my God!! it’s stolen

not just made a hole

but took it as a whole

whom should i doubt

angry and mad, i shout

not tasted by a squirrel

nor by something viral

or was it my neighbour

for not doing him the favour

i stood cautious like a waiter

to catch the cruel traitor

it took two days till i knew

that it came and ate a few

finally i saw him at night

got surprised by the sight

oh my beauty, little naughty

a peacock, i called almighty !!

flying from one tree to another

pranking without any bother

i could only watch and smile

before i left it after a while

©2020 robusta

Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

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