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The epitaph..

Today, I would like to share about one of the biggest ironies that ever took place ; The man who invented dynamite and several other arms and explosives is the one behind the Nobel prize which even includes an award for peace.I am talking about none other than Alfred Nobel.Alfred’s dad was involved in a business which mainly dealed with demolition of old buildings and houses and selling the remaining parts and scraps.Alfred was a chemist and he wanted to help his father in his business which ended up in the invention of dynamite. It was a great invention during that time as it help fasten many kinds of demolition works. But it’s a human instinct to misuse everything, the same happened to dynamite. Theives, criminals, antinationals and terrorists misused it to the maximum.

Alfred was a pacifist and never believed in war and violence. There is a small story behind Alfred the chemist who invented explosives becoming a person of charity and humanity and later founding Nobel prize.

In 1888, the death of his brother Ludvig caused several newspapers to publish obituaries  of Alfred in error. One French newspaper published an obituary titled “Le marchand de la mort est mort” (“The merchant of death is dead”) and went on to say, “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.”Alfred (who never had a wife or children) was disappointed with what he read and concerned with how he would be remembered. His decision to posthumously donate the majority of his wealth to found the Nobel Prize has been credited at least in part to him wanting to leave behind a better legacy.

Alfred never wanted to be known as a person responsible for discovering lethal explosives which caused severe destruction and deaths, instead he wanted to be remembered as a better human being. He wanted his epitaph to be a one that glorifies humanity, love, knowledge and brotherhood.In our life too, we are too busy making money. We are never worried about the ways we choose.At some point, we become millionaires and billionaires. But none of us are going to take all these with us when we die.All that will remain are the good things we did when we were alive and that will be remembered forever. We all will be judged for our deeds, so lets decide how we want ourselves to be remembered. Alfred has shown us a way. We might be able to do even better. So friends, folks and fellowmen, make sure that you live a life worth enough to have an epitaph that can be cheered and remembered and be a person who loves to share and appreciate when you are alive, and if not, I hope you will show the courage to start all over again.

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Published by Jimmy John

After a long term of boredom becoming a boredom. I think it's time to show up. A young lad who gave upon impressing people, instead loves to share, express and communicate those raw thoughts and vague imaginations with all readers, friends and folks.

22 thoughts on “The epitaph..

  1. Hey Jimmy – thats a beautiful message and story – something I never knew! I strongly believe we are nothing if not a continuation of all those before us and we should dedicate our lives to a purpose that outlives us – to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Thanks for the inspiration, AP2 🙏

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  2. You touch on the perfect dichotomy here, Jimmy. Best humanist intentions hijacked by the purveyors of evil and violence. So how about a lovely humanist/artistic blog such as yours (or mine). Heaven forbid that we should suffer the same fate unwittingly. What a complicated web we weave. Your post makes us think, and so we should!

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    1. Thankyou.. Your comment made my day.. Its even more beautiful than my post. “What’s more worse?, To die young as good man? or to live long to see yourself becoming a monster? “. We all are in this cliche of fate. Its all about choosing the right path.


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